IF ALL KIDS by Jopa Arts

A woman from Ivory Cost cries after been rescued by MSF. The MSF ship Dignity 1, that set sail from Malta after a technical stop, rescued 435 people from three boats in distress: 120 in the first one, 134 in the second and 181 in the third. On the first two boats, both rubber rafts, the majority were from Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal. The third boat however was wooden, and almost half of those onboard were from Eritrea. Between the three boats, 73 women were rescued as well as 140 children/minors. Whilst all are physically quite well, they show the scars of the perilious sea journey and awful time in Libya.



Jopa Arts − On Camera



A short film by

Victoria Mali & Antonios Efthymiou




The drama / antiwar short film IF ALL KIDS, inspired by Yiannis Ritsos’ poem “If All Children on Earth”, aims to give a punch to xenophobia, highlight problems due to lack of education and glorify peace.

It deals with violence, childhood traumas, cultures conflicts, manipulation of students by family and the uninspired education system, while it is sending universal messages for the reconciliation of the nations and the respect of diversity.

All above is achieved by the visual realization of an original story focused on a refugee child from Afghanistan (a country that experienced a 14-year war) and its integration in the demanding German society.



Written by: Victoria Mali & Antonios Efthymiou

Directed by: Victoria Mali & Iro Kostraki

Produced by: Jopa Arts – On Camera

Executive Producers: Johanna Panagiotou Mamali & Dr. Thanasis Bagatzounis

Assistant Producer: Genima TV

Cinematography: Genima TV

Editor: Petros Kostrakis


Lead Cast: Ioanna Miliou & Linnéa Winroth (MELODIA chorus, Conductor: Maria Criniti)

Production Supervisor: Domenico Loseto

Post Production Supervisor: Petros Kostrakis

Music Composers: Alexandros Karozas, Nikos Dimogiannis, Meletis Rentoumis & Georg Papageorgiou

Assistant Director of Photography: Nikolas Ballas

Sound Designer & Mixer: Georg Papageorgiou

English Subtitles: Nina Diamantopoulou

Promotion: Maria Spania

Advisor: Aris Aristofanous & Nannette Remmel

Story Stimulation: Renate Schmidt-Karakatsanis, “Ich mach´ dich neoliberal“, © 2016

Photos used in the film are kindly provided by Médecins Sans Frontières (Γιατροί Χωρίς Σύνορα)